Building of trust and by remaining true to our corporate culture.

MOSA Industrial Corporation is located at the Central Taiwan Science Park- Huwei Park, occupying a space of 140,000m2.

Founded in 1988, starting with traditional plastic products; in 1992, start in industry transformation, the innovation & development of high-pressure gas charger and the core technology of gas filling by self-developed; in 2002, to be as a professional high-pressure gas charger manufacture and advanced to car safety airbag hybrid inflators; in 2011, be capable of mass production of kinds of type hybrid inflators; in 2019, the Company’s stocks were listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange(“TWSE”).

Mosa keeps invested in researched & development in 8g of high-pressure gas charger from beginning. In future, we will devote talented people, precise technology development of various high-pressure gas chargers as well to conform to the expectation of customers. The filling know-how is the main core technology in our industry for the production of high-pressure gas charger besides the produced know-how of gas charger.  In addition, we develop the automatized equipment in filling to increase the quantity of gas in charger substantially, expand the range of various products application for the extensive more application of products and enlarge the development of various different industries. Mosa Industrial Corp. is world’s leading manufactory in consumer high-pressure gas charger. Mosa Safety System Corp. is one of professional car safety airbag hybrid inflator manufacture. We have obtained various patents of Taiwan, China, EU, USA and acquired TÜV’s ISO/TS16949 quality system certification as well as BAM EC, DOT and France INERIS certifications.