Mosa environmental efforts

Mosa environmental efforts
Environmental protection management system

In addition to obtaining environmental protection-related permits to avoid environmental pollution, Mosa has implemented inspection- audits, and supervision control- by senior executives.

The company has passed the ISO14001 certification of environmental protection management system (certificate validity from Mar.1st, 2021 to Mar.1st, 2024).

Greenhouse gas emissions

In order to meet the challenges of global climate change, to formulate climate change adaptation strategies, to reduce and manage greenhouse gas emissions, implement environmental justice, fulfill the responsibility of jointly protecting the earth's environment, and ensure the country's sustainable development, the regulations of "Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act" were formulated by the Taiwan government on July 1st, 2015; it was the basis model of greenhouse gas management.

Mosa is a leading manufacturer of mini high-pressure steel cylinder products, although we do not belong to “the 1st emissions sources list of the audited and registered greenhouse gas emissions in Taiwan” (announcement by the Environmental Protection Agency of the Executive Yuan), Mosa will in the future audit and register greenhouse gas emissions according to the laws and regulations.

Waste water and waste treatment

In order to carry out sustainable utilization of resources, the waste management primarily focuses on waste reduction in the production process and also considers in house-reuse or to outsource waste treatment.

In order to control the flow of waste accurately, Mosa is carefully selecting waste removal- and recycling suppliers, thereby verifying their valid license & documents, as well as their on-site operation conditions and driving route trends to ensure that all wastes are disposed legally and properly or reused for avoiding secondary environmental pollution.

If wastewater or other pollutants are produced during the production process they are processed by our sewage treatment plant in the factory according to respective regulations and if necessary discharged into the sewage treatment plant in the local “Central Taiwan Science Park-Huwei Park” for final treatment.

Mosa's water consumption and total waste weight from 2020 to 2022 are as following:





Water consumption (tons)




Total weight of waste (tons)