MOSA Pro-Max is a large volume disposable cylinder for Cream Whippers.
The 615g cylinder is designed to maximize efficiency of large scale users, it equals more than 80 commercial cream chargers.

The 100% recyclable high grade steel cylinder is non-refillable.
It contains pure and food grade N2O (E 942 -Nitrous Oxide).
MOSA food-grade N2O is bacteriostatic, which means it prevents bacterial growth so if you refrigerate the charged Cream Whipper, its content can stay fresh for up to two weeks.

With the large MOSA Pro-Max, restaurants, bars, cafes, and commercial kitchens can conveniently fill the MOSA Cream Whippers at once.
This can save you valuable time that you don't have to spend on handling many individual chargers. Connect the appropriate filling hose between regulator and Whipper, and in just a few seconds the Whipper is charged and ready for dispensing.
By using the help of this culinary tool you can prepare all kinds of drinks and dishes, from classic whipped cream to desserts, Espumas or N2O infused cocktails.

The set of a pressure regulator and a hose plus adapter, will make it easy and safe to connect the MOSA Pro-Max with a Cream Whipper.
Pressure regulator plus hose-adapter are sold separately.
Please read the instructions for use of the regulator and the Whipper.

Only dispose of empty cylinder! To make sure it is empty - a plastic release valve for residue gas is enclosed, when using it please be aware that the escaping gas can be very cold and the valve should therefore be pointing away from any body parts.

The MOSA Pro-Max cannot be refilled and is not made for medical use.
The MOSA Pro-Max is pressure tested at 180 bar, but as with all pressure containers it should be handled with care, it should not be exposed to heat or freezing temperatures and always be kept away from the reach of children.
The empty cylinder can be disposed into steel waste or with other ferrous metals.


Set of regulator and adapter is for the use of MOSA Cream Whippers with MOSA Pro-Max-large volume disposable cylinders in HoReCa industry.

Order of the operation:
Turn the knob to the Minus (-) position to make sure the valve is closed to prevent the gage from getting damaged.
Attach the Intel connector/regulator to the N2O tank, by carefully screwing it onto the top-thread of tank (screw on straight and avoid cross threading)!
Connect the hose to the regulator tightly. Please do not use excessive force.
Connect the other end of the hose (adapter) to the Cream Whipper and fasten the thread tightly.
Slightly rotate the adjusting knob in the direction of plus (+) for the required pressure thereby slowly releasing the gas into the Cream Whipper.
Close the valve by turning to (-) position when reaching the standard pressure value.

The standard pressure of operation above 0,3L (300ml) is 13 bar, for smaller quantities please note the following table:
The standard pressure value for smaller quantities is as follows:


Cream  Pressure
50ml (1 portion) 5 Bar
100ml (2 portion) 6.5 Bar
150ml (3 portion) 8 Bar
200ml (4 portion) 10 Bar
250ml (5 portion) 12 Bar
300ml (6 portion) 13 Bar